Activities and productions 2013:


New childrens performance in collaboration with Adelaide Bentzon. Expected premiere in January 2015.
FEST!!! is funded by The Danish Arts Council and co-produced by Teater Nordkraft and Bora Bora.


The dance- and theatre lecture Head&Tail premiered in the fall of 2012 and has since toured throughout Denmark. In november 2013 it reaches performance nr. 60!

Collaboration with SCENATET

Club Fisk has begun a close collaboration with SCENATET on the piece Archeopteryx X from 2010. The ensemble of SCENATET will perform in all future stagings, and from 2013 Archeopteryx X enters SCENATETS repertoire.


In 2013 Club Fisk tours in Denmark, Sweden and the USA

New article:

”The Art of Peeling an Onion” in Nordic Journal of Dance on cookery and choreografic processes
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