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Club Fisk was founded in 2003 by dancer, performer and choreographer Kasper Daugaard.

Club Fisk is named after a legendary discotheque in Århus, Denmark, the companys’ hometown. The name emphasizes the companys’ local rooting, reflect its’ often alternative and indirect approach to dance and refers to the companys’ productionform that very often asks new guests and collaborators inside.

Club Fisk produces a wide range of pieces, varying from full-evening programs, collaborations with other choreographers, site-specific works, and shorter works on commission from different theatres.
These contemporary dance pieces unfold within strong, conceptual frameworks and are characterised by liberating humour and Scandinavian minimalism.

Club Fisk also communicates its’ work and experience in articles and seminars, through special events and workshops for schools, highschools and institutions of higher education and in collaboration with other choreographers and institutions.