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Sonne • Daugaard • Rønsholdt

Archeopteryx: A cross between reptile and bird.
A composite of the two Greek words archarios (ancient) and pteryx (feather).

We want to fly!
In grotesque, graceful, humorous and bittersweet tableaux, Archeopteryx X reflects on man’s eternal, yet vain, aspiration towards lightness, beauty and freedom.
But the desire to rise is unavoidably disturbed by gravity. Put simply, humans, in relation to their muscle mass, are just too heavy.

Dancing metamorphic creatures - The Jutland Ensemble – and obscure electro- pop.
The Archeopteryx was a prehistoric creature from the Jurassic period, a transitional beast in the evolution of reptile to bird. 
Inspired by the dichotomy of this earthbound yet flying creature, the two dancers Daugaard and Sonne, along with eight musicians from The Jutland Ensemble, create a baroque universe of hybrid and metamorphic creatures all driven by the same ambition: to soar!
Through these grotesque and seductive tableaux, the music is interwoven: the strings flitter like insects attracted to light; the horns perform odd melancholic marches. Baroque Opera is transformed into obscure yet apropos electro-pop.

The futility of constantly striving towards the heavens is obvious to anyone, but perhaps there is beauty to be found in the attempt.

Idea: Sonne • Daugaard • Rønsholdt
Choreography and performance: Lisbeth Sonne Andersen & Kasper Daugaard Poulsen Composer: Niels Rønsholdt
Music: The Jutland Ensemble
Direction and visual consulting: Thomas Hejlesen
Scenography and costumes: Line Frank and Jeppe Worning
Light Design: Peer Maribo

Produced by: Club Fisk 
Co-produced by: Out of Joint, Dansescenen, Archauz and The Jutland Ensemble Funded by: The Danish Arts Council, Comittee for the performing Arts, the Municipality of Århus, KODA Dramatics, the Danish Composer Union, the Wilhelm Hansen Foundation, the Tuborg Foundation, the Danish National Bank Jubilee Foundation by 1968 and the BG Foundation.

 The press wrote:
“…It is these human dreams of higher heavens that the trio of Sonne, Daugaard and Rønsholt, with a clear and consistent idea and with great humour, now take on in ‘Archeopteryx X’… Dreams that fall to the floor like the famous solo ‘the Dying Swan’, that in a refined manner haunts the entire performance in both Lisbeth Sonne and Kasper Daugaard’s wonderful flying movements and Niels Rønsholt’s exquisite and sensitively sonorous chamber music performed live by The Jutland Ensemble. It is gloriously absurd when the performers hover on a hook, transformed into limbless, dancing torsos while the beautiful and symbolically charged swan not only dies, but is also plucked.”
* * * * * - Berlingske Tidende

”... ’Archeopteryx X’ serves heaps of food for thought, and you leave provoked, entertained and amazed.”
* * * * - Kultunaut

”..The performance was an unforgettable and thought-provoking experience. Not in the least bit pleasant… but a good and necessary corrective to an increasingly unbearable lightness and carelessness
-Viborg Stifts Folkeblad